Bush craft in the mountains

January chill time
29 August 2016
Strike those tents
30 August 2016

Bush craft in the mountains

We took a group of primary age children off to Alltnacriche for a day of bush craft, bonfires, games and fun.

I’m the youth worker at Hilton Church, but a lot of what I do is working with children in the community, so this was an opportunity to get to know the children at church better, making time for them to enjoy a special event together.

We filled the minibus up with around 12 children and headed off to Alltnacriche for a long Saturday away day. It was April, and still seriously chilly. There was a little bit of snow on the ground and some snow showers during the day which all added to the excitement.

The bushcraft was a major highlight of the day. We spent time learning how to make fires and then make bread on the fire. later on in the day we had a great BBQ and an evening bonfire.

During the day we were exploring some themes around how amazing God’s creation is, so this was the perfect spot to appreciate it all.

We were outdoors for the a lot of the day, but we also made the most of the indoor space, enjoying games in the games hall and using the meeting space.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and it did turn out to be a great way for everyone to get to know each other better. We also learned new skills together and I’ve been able to use my new bushcraft skills when I took my own family camping.

Simeon Ewing