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17 August 2016
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29 August 2016

Just right for Motiv8

I’ve been organising Motiv8 events at Alltnacriche for years now and the conclusion I’ve come to is that it’s “just right” for what we do.

Alltnacriche suits us and our events for a whole host of different reasons. Many of the young people we bring to events at Alltnacriche come from challenging urban settings. Some of them will not have experienced a holiday or stayed in an outdoor centre or seen this kind of scenery before, so it can be a very exciting and memorable experience for them.

The Goldilocks effect

Alltnacriche is neither too big nor too small. In fact it seems to be just the right size for our events! And because it is reasonably compact with everything close together, it really is an ideal venue. We like the fact that we have the centre to ourselves – it allows us to settle in and feel at home. The facilities work well for us too: the games hall, the meeting room, another room for planning games, the pool table and table tennis are all ideal. The catering facilities are all there too – everything you need.

The real outdoor experience

Experiencing the challenges of outdoor activities is new for lots of our young people and Alltnacriche is surrounded by opportunities to get outside and try new things, so this is definitely one of the big attractions. Sailing, kayaking, abseiling, mountain biking and plenty more are available on the doorstep. It’s brilliant to be able to walk out the door and up onto the hills – it’s all right there, so accessible.

A brilliant location

The location is great in every way – being in the middle of the Cairngorms is an obvious attraction, but the centre is also close to the shops in Aviemore and not that far from Inverness either. The mix of the wild outdoors and great facilities suits us really well.

Great instructors – in fact a great team!

The instructors are knowledgeable and experienced – fantastic at getting young people involved and they understand that young people are champing at the bit to try something –  and so help to make the activities fun and challenging. We work closely with the centre staff to plan our programme and tap into as many of the sessions and activities as we can because they are (you guessed it!) just right for our young people!

Two and a half hours

It’s a drive to get to Alltnacriche, no doubt about it, but we think it’s worth it – the location and scenery mean I never get tired of coming, In fact, I’d go a lot more often if I could!

A great place for what we do

If we are away with a Motiv8 group for a week or a weekend we are aiming to build a temporary community. It’s about creating spaces where young people will have a great time, enjoy being together, but also where they can be challenged and learn new things about themselves and discover something new about God too. Over the years we have found that Alltnacriche is a great place to do all of that, so we keep coming back!

John Nonhebel