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14 March 2017

Let’s do some training!

We introduce a lot of people to new activities, teach new skills, and share new experiences while at Alltnacriche. Over the winter, we’ve been investing in our building […]
6 December 2016

It’s time for an upgrade!

Our 2016 season drew to a close  the SU Highland Secondary weekend. By 10am on the  Monday, with outside temps of -10 degrees C, we started on […]
31 August 2016

Expedition mountain bike

Most weeks we ask young people to do things which are outwith their comfort zone, things that will stretch them and develop their skills. We believe our […]
30 August 2016

Strike those tents

The summer holidays are over and the canvas is coming down in beautiful weather. We are so pleased we had some dry warm weather before we […]