Let’s do some training!

It’s time for an upgrade!
6 December 2016
Introducing our new climbing wall
3 April 2019

Let’s do some training!

Reccy-ing Canoe Camp

We introduce a lot of people to new activities, teach new skills, and share new experiences while at Alltnacriche. Over the winter, we’ve been investing in our building with the new heating system (which is fab!) and also investing in our team with among other things, wood carving training, winter mountain biking, paediatric first aid, disability awareness training, rescue procedures… the list goes on.

This summer we will be running a river trip on the River Spey for SU Holidays. We’ve been reccy-ing sections of the route in advance in our spare time, scouting out the good places to go, and what we need to be aware of. It’s also an opportunity for those of us with the qualifications to upskill the younger members of the team. A win-win all round. This photo is taken on Loch Insh.

If doing the river trip sounds fun, we’re afraid it’s already fully booked for this summer, but there are plenty of other epic adventures to be had at Alltnacriche which you can sign up for at SUHOLIDAYS.